Frenk [Frank]

An NKGB foreign intelligence cover name which appears in five cables from 1943 and 1944 that were partially decrypted in the course of the Venona operation; its bearer was identified by Venona translators as “probably” Laurence Duggan. In one of these decrypts (from May 24, 1944), “Frank” was tentatively identified by Venona translators as the cover name behind the initial “F”; in another decrypt (from June 28, 1944), this cover name was decrypted with “a B% of certainty.”  (Their A%, B%, C%, D% stand for the degree of certainty in their decryption.)  The Venona index of cover names lists one more decrypt, dated July 2, 1943, with the cover name “Frenk,” but this cable has not been published. Judging by its identification number (1035 New York to Moscow), it should be dated July 1, 1944.